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BEACH BALLAD No. 2  - Maresia (Sea breeze)


The "Baladas de Praia" is a serie of pieces inspired by tropical coastal landscapes. According to Carelli, the inspiration came when, visiting a remote beach far from urban Rio de Janeiro area, in 1987, he felt "an unspeakable peace in the sunset in a wide empty beach, listening the calm waves lapping the shore, felling the warm sea breeze on the face..."


The second Beach Ballad is a piece written in 1989, originally for french horn and piano. Since then, Carelli wrote arrangements for chamber orchestra, for cello and piano and for voice and piano/orchestra. The piece subtitle "Maresia" (rougly translated from portuguese as Sea Breeze, Sea Spray or Sea Smell) evoke the peace felt when smelling the  sea breeze in a peaceful beach landscape.










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