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Producer , musician and actor , born in Rio de Janeiro . As a child , he studied artistic photography and design, in addition to writing cartoons and scripts for his own children's stories . In 1980 he took part on the cast of kids TV show " Plim Plim o Magico do Papel" (Plim Plim the Paper Wizard) , headed by Gualba Pessanha on brazilian TV channel Tupi.
In 1985, he acted on Gil Vicente's 1516 theatrical play "Auto da Barca do Inferno"
(Act of the Ship of Hell) performed in CPII, Rio de Janeiro.


In 1986, Carelli began his first steps on music, studing piano and soon after, studing violin and theory at Conservatório Brasileiro de Música, where he graduated in 1993. Before this, he studied orchestration and composed his first classical compositions.


In 1989 he attended acting classes at Escola de Teatro Martins Penna, and other performing arts schools in Rio de Janeiro. In 1990 he acted in some amateur theatrical spetacles in Niterói , Nilópolis and Rio de Janeiro. In 1993, he debuted as theatre musician, writing the arrangements for Tony Caroll's chidren musical "O Rato Roeu a Roupa do Rei Risonho" (The Rat chewed up the Smiling King clothes).


In 1997 he produced " Terreiro de Umbanda" , his first documentary about Brazilian religious syncretism. In 2005, he opened his own production company in Rio de Janeiro. The same year he produced "First Terê BMX", documentary about the first BMX championship in Teresópólis. directed by BMX champion Onofre Castilho. The following year he joined the production of "Xuxa Party", stage show headed by brazilian TV host Xuxa. In June 2007 he produced the BMX Brazilian Championship  , held in Rio with the direction of Onofre Castilho. He and Onofre worked together on video coverage of NAP 2007.


Many of Carelli & Onofre sport videos were broadcasted on Globo Network , SporTV , ESPN, Whohoo Channel, and others . In 2012, Carelli produced the documentary "Guitar Solos" , about the argentinian guitarist Maximiliano Mazer. Carelli co-directed the video with the american producer John Elliott .


From 2007 to 2010 Carelli produced theatrical spectacles for Vitavision and OficinadeAtores.com.br : The Skits Theater Festivals , presented in Rio de Janeiro ( the first Festival in April 2007 , directed by Tony Caroll , the second in May 2008 , directed by Rafael Cruz , and the third in December 2008 , directed by Monique Lafond ) ; Quadrille, theater play by Jomar Magalhães based on brazilian writer Carlos Drummond de Andrade. premiered in August 2008 , in Rio de Janeiro ; Album de Família (Family Album), by Nelson Rodrigues , directed by Jorge Farjalla , premiered in July 2008 at the Teatro Solar de Botafogo (Rio de Janeiro) , which won first place in the ranking of the best theatrical shows in Rio de Janeiro that month on "Fama" magazine, In 2009 , he was the musical director of "História de Lenços e Ventos (History of Scarves and Winds) theatral play by argentinian author Ilo Krugli,  music by Caique Botkay, direction of Jorge Farjalla .


Roberto Carelli wrote technical and textbooks , such as " Capturing and Editing Video Production " , "Reading , memorization and learning " , " Production of Digital Audio," and other works , all launched by Vitavision Audiovisual .


Currently, Roberto Carelli works as a producer and writer of screenplays, texts and articles to magazines and websites in Brazil and abroad.




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